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Make your event memorable by treating your guests with an affordable and unique souvenir.

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What are Photo Magnets?

Photo Magnets are a new-to-the-market product in which ceremony guests receive a free, high quality, picture of themselves in a customized frame which is printed on-spot on high quality magnet paper that can be placed on memorable places at home such as metal doors and refrigerator doors.

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Layed Magnets

Free for Guests.

All guests receive their very own high quality Photo Magnet with their picture to take home!

Magnets are Memorable.

Unlike traditional photos, a Photo Magnet can be placed on memorable everyday objects such as refrigerators and metal doors, making sure to fulfill the client’s most dearest wish – to have an unforgettable ceremony!

High Quality Material.

Just like mobile phones, Photo Magnets have cheap, replicated knockoffs in the market as well. Unlike Snapmagnet, Various smalltime companies undermine the importance of satisfying the client with high quality Photo Magnets and instead try to offer cheap replacements and hope that you, the client, won’t notice. Snapmagnet stands out by providing top material for lower prices.

Magnified Photo Magnet

Simple Sizes, Simple Pricing.

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$1399 SMALL – 2.8”x4”
Small Photo Magnet
$1599 LARGE – 4”x5.6”
Large Photo Magnet

What’s in the Package?

  • Unlimited Magnets

  • 5 Hours of Service

  • Customized Frame

  • Expert Photography

  • On-Site Printing

  • Disk containing all images

  • Customized Magnet Collage

  • Online Gallery for guests

Online Events Gallery.

Guests often want to view their photos on a large screen, order a reprint, print a larger version of their magnet, and share their pictures with friends and family. As unbelievable as it sounds, we feature this in our exclusive, easy-to-use online gallery.

Want to access your gallery? Click Here


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